FINEX SOLUTIONS: The Most Innovative FinTech Company

 Modules to enhance third party digital banking applications

The FINEX EXCELLENCE solution has a flexible integration layer enabling seamless integration to third party digital banking systems. FINEX provides range of  ready-to-go modules and capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated to third-party banking solutions to enhance certain capabilities.

Online Customer Onboarding

Seamless digital customer origination and account opening process, that enables banks to capture leads online and convert them to customers in a fully digitized origination process.

Social Media Referrals

Grow customer base via invitations and referral campaigns that can be distributed on a range of channels, including Social Media.

Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Easy-to-use budgeting and financial planning tools for financial insight.


A retail digital solution, which provides a range of reward and loyalty services. It helps turn consumer data into new revenue sources, by delivering accurate and personalized recommendations and advertisements


A digital solution that enables financial institutions to provide personal and business microfinancing via agents, including online loan origination.

Mobile Token

A smartphone soft token providing a cost effective, multi-factor authentication solution, supporting biometrics, Bluetooth and NFC tags, and location based security

Digital Campaign Management

Delivering omni-channel marketing campaigns with sophisticated segmentation. Distribute campaigns to online banking, native mobile banking apps, social media channels, and third party applications

Psychometric Profiling

Enables financial institutions to accurately predict their customers’ personality traits via their digital banking footprint.  It also provides tools for personalized marketing, customer communication, and digital banking experience − all tailored based on each customer’s personality profile