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FINEX Psychometric Profiling

FINEX Psychometric Profiling is an analytics and personalization tool that enables financial institutions to achieve a new type of insight into their customers. It helps financial institutions to accurately predict their customers’ personality traits via their digital banking footprint.  It also provides tools for personalized marketing, customer communication,

FINEX Psychometric Profiling can help financial institutions to:

Improve marketing ROI

by tailoring advertisements to customer’s personalities, values and beliefs

Improve customer segmentation

by predicting lifestyle choices, financial and consumer preferences driven by personality traits

Increase customer satisfaction

by tailoring the digital bankinguser experience to customer’s personality

Improve credit scoring

even if no credit or financial history is available

and digital banking experience − all tailored based on each customer’s personality profile.

FINEX Psychometric Profiling can be seamlessly integrated to third-party banking solutions, including online and mobile banking applications.

How FINEX Psychometric Profiling works?

Step1: Data collection


FINEX’s Psychometric Profiling utilizes data from the
customer’s digital banking footprint for customer profiling, such as:

Online and mobile banking behavior patterns

Preferences and settings

And much more


Step2: Data analysis and customer profiling


The custom-built FINEX analytics engine calculates each customer’s personality
traits – such as extroversion, openness to risk-taking, or the tendency to display
self-discipline – by utilizing the customer’s digital banking footprint.
The calculation is done by an algorithm developed with the help of psychologists
and data scientists.

Step3: Personalization


The personalization component of FINEX’s Psychometric Profiling helps tailor
a range of banking services. The personality profiles are utilized to predict
customer lifestyle choices, financial and consumer preferences, enabling a more
accurate customer segmentation and product targeting. FINEX Psychometric Profiling also helps banks to tailor the digital banking user experience to match
the customer’s personality and subconscious preferences, resulting in enhanced customer experience.