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FINEX Excellence Mobile Token

The FINEX EXCELLENCE Mobile Token is a ready-to-go smartphone soft token solution offering a secure, convenient tool for users, accessible on their mobile phones. It is based on certified, open security algorithms, providing a high level of security thanks to the tamper-proof design and enhanced security algorithms. The FINEX

EXCELLENCE Mobile Token can be used in a wide range of industries, such as Banking, Telecommunications, Healthcare, the Public sector etc.

The FINEX Excellence Mobile Token is a cost effective, multi-factor authentication solution, which supports a range of features for the users.

Functionality snapshot:

Seamless activation process
Auto-login and QR login, enabling the user to securely login to online banking by only one click, without entering any login ID or password
One-time password generation
Challenge response password generation via manual or QR code data entry
Push notifications for instant message delivery
Administration console with a wide range of settings and reports

A portfolio of advanced capabilities, providing flexibility and tailored services:


Authentication via biometrics, Bluetooth, and NFC tags

Location-based security features

Smartwatch support