FINEX SOLUTIONS: The Most Innovative FinTech Company

FINEX Digital Banking Solutions

Excellence digital banking 

A ready-to-go digital banking application, offering a wide range of banking services for retail and corporate customers. An omnichannel solution that fully supports internet, tablet, and mobile banking, offering seamless cross-channel customer journeys.

Psychometric profiling 

An advanced customer analytics tool that helps financial institutions to accurately predict their customers’ personality traits via their digital banking footprint. It also provides tools for personalized marketing, customer communication, and digital banking experience − all tailored based on each customer’s personal profile.

Excellence Mobile Token

A ready-to-go smartphone soft token solution offering a secure, convenient tool for users, accessible on their mobile phones. It is based on certified, open security algorithms, providing a high level of security thanks to the tamper-proof design and enhanced security algorithms.

Modules to enhance third-party digital banking

A range of ready-to-go module that can be seamlessly integrated to third-party banking solutions, including online and mobile banking applications.