FINEX SOLUTIONS: The Most Innovative FinTech Company

 Become the leader in   digital banking

 Become the leader in digital banking

FINEX brings the most advanced online and mobile banking technologies to financial institutions. The Excellence Digital Banking is a ready-to-go omni-channel solution, enabling banks to become the market leaders in digital banking.

About us

FINEX Solutions is a FinTech company specializing in innovative digital banking solutions. FINEX was founded by digital banking and IT technology professionals, and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Our experts have a proven track record in delivering successful digital banking transformation programs while working for the largest global banks. Our mission is to provide financial institutions with market-leading digital banking solutions.

“As an online bank we look for partners who can provide reliable, innovative, and technically advanced products that can really contribute to our digital offering. FINEX have proven to be such a partner; keen to deliver the added value and experience we require. In short, FINEX’s expertise, along with their top-quality customer insight, provides significant and tangible benefits for our customers and our team.”

Andrew Mifsud

Chief Executive Officer of Izola Bank

FINEX Redefines Digital Banking

 A true omni-channel digital banking experience


FINEX helps banks deliver omni-channel customer experience, enabling seamless cross-channel customer journeys, giving customers the freedom to bank how they want, when they want. We provide a 360-degree customer overview of all digital banking interactions to banks.

Advanced analytics

FINEX helpsbanks to achieve unprecedented insight into customersby analysing their digital footprint,utilizing advanced analytical tools such as Psychometric Profiling.We help banks to deliverpersonalized marketing, customer communication and digital banking experience, all tailored utilizing in-depth customer insights.

Outstanding customer experience

FINEX enables banks to deliver an outstanding customer experience by tailoring the digital banking user experience to a range of customer types and segments.

Next generation technology

FINEX utilizes the latest technologies in itsdigital solutions. The Digital Banking is a modular digital banking solution, which is flexible and easily customizable. The solution has a flexible integration layer enabling seamless integration to banking systems.

Developed using science

FINEX’s digital banking was developed with the help of behavioral psychologists and data scientists. With extensive researching and analysis of data collected from thousands of individuals from all around the world, we have developed advanced digital banking tools thathelps banks to become market leaders in digital banking.

Digital Banking Solutions

FINEX Excellence Digital Banking

A ready-to-go digital banking application, offering a wide range of banking services for retail and corporate customers. An omni-channel solution that fully supports internet, tablet, and mobile banking, offering seamless cross channel customer journeys.

An omni-channel solution that fully supports internet, tablet, and mobile banking, offering seamless cross channel customer journeys. An omni-channel solution that fully supports internet, tablet, and mobile banking, offering seamless cross channel customer journeys.


FINEX Psychometric Profiling

An advanced customer analytics tool that helps financial institutions to accurately predict their customers’ personality traits via their digital banking footprint.


It also provides tools for personalized marketing, customer communication, and digital banking experience − all tailored based on each customer’s personality profile.


FINEX Excellence Mobile Token

A ready-to-go smartphone soft token solution offering a secure, convenient tool for users, accessible on their mobile phones. It is based on certified, open security algorithms, providing a high level of security thanks to the tamper-proof design and enhanced security algorithms.


Modules to enhance third party digital banking

A range of  ready-to-go module that can be seamlessly integrated to third-party banking solutions, including online and mobile banking applications.




Psycometric profiling

Psychometrics Help Banks Deliver Outstanding Digital Banking Experience

As consumer expectations towards their digital user experience are increasing, banks are striving to provide outstanding customer experience on their online and mobile banking channels. According to Gartner, 89% of companies will primarily compete on the customer experience they provide, and banks are not an exception.

Apple - Digital Banking

Apple Watch: What’s in store for Digital Banking from Smartwatch Industry

Recently, during a discussion with a bank representative from one of the banks working with my company, I was asked how the Apple Watch would impact digital banking, and whether banks should invest in wearables and smartwatch banking apps.


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Izola Bank selects FINEX Solutions for Mobile Token implementation

Izola Bank selects FINEX Solutions for Digital Banking Transformation

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